Our Program

VERITAS delivers a unique educational experience for our students with a focus on health and wellness as a means to academic achievement.  Our goal is to make meals and movement as important as math and reading, for, as Dr. John Ratey explains in his book SPARK, “exercise is the single most powerful tool you have to optimize your brain function.” He found that this occurs for the three following reasons:

It improves alertness, attention, and motivation.
It prepares and encourages the brain to learn.
It spurs the development of new brain cells.

Our students start the day with Morning Movement, participate in PE each regular school day, enjoy 30 minutes of recess, and take movement breaks in the classroom throughout the day.  All of this improves focus and achievement; besides those reasons, all of this movement is fun!

Our curriculum is the Core Knowledge Sequence, a nationally-recognized curriculum that offers a sequential, content-rich course of study that includes reading, math, social studies, science, music, and art.  This curriculum gives students a strong base to buoy them into their future. In addition to this, we will build strength upon strength by teaching reading with the Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum, a phonics-based program that nurtures curious and confident reading skills for all ability levels.

The final aspect of our school is the Peaceful Classroom curriculum, which we will use to intentionally teach students how to interact peaceably and to resolve conflict within themselves and with others. By creating a common language of peace for students and staff, we will empower our students to practice and apply crucial human interaction skills, giving them the chance to try out methods until they develop an interaction style that reflect their true selves.

Our students are thriving!