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VERITAS Community School CFA is a tuitionfree, public, charter K-6 diverse community school that is open for all children eligible for school registration in Charlotte, NC.

VERITAS is committed to building a community of healthy, mindful students who are preparing for life in an ever-changing complex world.

VCS, supports the laws of Mckinney-Vento. We have provided a link to a wealth of knowledge on the NC laws surrounding the initiative to provide students who are experiencing homelessness the necessary resources for both academic and personal success.

Please email lgore@veritascommunityschool.org for more information and/or click HERE for more information.

2018-19 VERITAS School Supply List

2017-2018 Family Handbook

2018-19 VERITAS School Calendar

2018-19 School Free-Reduced Meals Application


School Report Cards

2016-17 School Report Card-English  C-61

2016-17 School Report Card-Spanish

2015-16 School Report Card-English

2015-16 School Report Card-Spanish