IMPORTANT UPDATE: School schedule and Transportation

Dear Families,
We had an amazing first day of school!  Thank you so much for you energy, enthusiasm, and support of our systems and procedures.

There was one area of focus that we recognize was not fluent and communicative to you all. On behalf of the VERITAS staff and leadership team, I’d like to apologize for the miscommunication regarding dismissal.  This communication will highlight some clarifiers so that starting tomorrow the process will be much more efficient.  We thank you all for being so understanding and flexible as we learn and grow as a new staff.

Arrival begins each day at 7:30am.  We expect all students to be seated and ready to learn at 8:00am for the instructional day.  Tomorrow begins Independence Day for all students who are not in Kindergarten.  That means that the expectation is that all students walk to their class without parent escorts.

Dismissal for Monday through Thursday is  3:30pm, Friday dismissal will be at 12:00pm.  All car riders will be seated and ready for dismissal at that time.  Please be sure to have your yellow numbered cards in easy view for the person calling numbers.

Please stay in your vehicle and follow the guidelines for car line appropriately.  Do not park to get your child.  We are working hard to respect your time and it causes confusion when you get out of your car.

If you need to communicate with your child’s teacher, please do so via an email, phone call, or other form of communication outside of during dismissal time.  Teachers are using 2 way radios to communicate.  They are also supervising children seated.

For early pickups due to an appointment, emergency, etc., the latest you can sign your child out is 3:00 pm.  We need all transportation changes emailed to the teacher by 8:00am.  All phone calls in regards to changes to transportation should be made to the school at (980) 677-0101 by 10:00am.

If a person is not on the authorized list for pick up we will not release your child to that person.  If the person is on the authorized list, we will ID the person before release.  Please let that person know in advance to minimize conflict.
If your child is a bus rider and the bus is late, Eagle Bus Management will send out a text to notify you.

Thank you for reading this very lengthy yet important note in regards to transportation.